About Us


Ayanna Bose

  • Co-founder
TRAVELIQS was originally founded by Bijoy Bose and co-founded by me, Ayanna Bose. Since 2021, 'TRAVELIQS' has been focused on bringing the INDIAN TRAVELLERS the best in esteem and quality travel game plans. Travel is the main thing you purchase that makes you more extravagant. We want every traveller to explore the unexplored with the best travel facilities of India. The powerful inclination of INDIAN voyagers to travel more nowadays is something that keeps us inspired to satisfy your vacation necessities. Our vision to give you a consistent occasion encounter makes us one of the main visit administrators in the regularly extending travel industry.

Our Mission

Traveliqs is a catalyst for every Indian travel lover who whishes to explore the unexplored corners of India

Our Vibe

At Traveliqs, we provide every traveller with the best facilities of India required for exploring the unexplored

Our Promise

We deliver the best travelling search of India with an "e-travel guide" to add icing to the cake. We try our best to provide everyone with some of the best memories of their lives